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Advanced Aviation Technology - A2Tech, with headquarter in Peschiera del Garda, Italy, A2Tech is a R&D Think Tank company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems and video surveillance management systems, and technical services to commercial customers worldwide.

Our core competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers and address emerging challenges in key areas, such industrial grade remote piloted helicopters and multirotors, ergonomic human machine interfaces, wireless surveillance video transfer and management systems.

All our unmanned solutions are core based on the CANaerospace Command & Control (C2) protocol, a free available and royality free upper layer aviation protocol for the CAN bus, developed by Stock Flight Systems. A2Tech and its Technology Partners (Wetzel Technologies, Stock Flight Systems, Reiser Systemtechnik) have focused on the development of a new generation of Universal Ground Control Cockpit (UGCC), branded "RealityVISION - Unmanned Vehicle Pilot Systems", a modular Avionic Suite branded DARWIN A3 - Advanced Avionic Architecture, driven by CANaerospace and ARINC-825.

Below is a listing and description of our main business sectors. To find out specific product, program or services information, visit our Business section.

RPAS - Remote Piloted Aerial Systems

  • RV-VTOLx Series: Small rugged multicopters for LOS aerial work and documentary/wildlife filmmakers
  • RV-VTOL25 Series: Medium size main/tail rotor helicopter for BLOS aerial work and 3D cinematography

GCS - Ground Control Stations

  • RealityVISION - GCC: Ground Control Cockpit with 150° FOV for the RV-VTOL25 Series
  • RealityVISION - BPGCS Backpack Ground Control Station for the RV-VTOLx Series

RVT - Remote Video Terminal

  • RVCT: Remote Video & Control Terminal for remote camcorder view and control of the RV-VTOL Series


  • Private network bubble architecture solutions for first responder and law enforcement operators

videoNEXT - Video Surveillance Management

  • videoNEXT offers the easiest and most scalable Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution currently available

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