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RV-VTOL25 Series - Multirole Industrial & Digital Cinematography Workhorse

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The RV-VTOL25 Series is a new 2.5 m rotor class multi-role unmanned helicopter developed for european Civil Defence, Industrial Aerial Work and Digital Cinematography requirements. A wide variety of sensors, advanced mission systems, a modular cargo central bay (can host a 19" 3U rack cage) and a wide range of payload systems ensure the RV-VTOL25 provides unique capabilities to perform in the most demanding missions. Use of advances in aerostructure design, full pilot-in-loop or autonomous controls, composite fuselage and state-of-the-art avionics and ground control cockpits make the RV-VTOL25 one of the most advanced civil application dedicated unmanned helicopter on the market today.

The high-performance, powerfull single-engine RV-VTOL25 is designed for multi-mission flexibility to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions: from very hot to very high and everthing in between. It exceptional lifting power, high endurance, extended range, fast cruise speed and easy operational handling make virtually any mission looks easy. The RV-VTOL25 Series outclasses all other VTOL UAVs in the 2.5 m rotor classes for power, flexibility, safety and low operational and MRO costs.

Technology - Everthing you need rolled into a handy little package
It features the latest-generation technologies for simple, safe, cost-efficient operation and easy maintenance. It has a powerfull two-stroke twin-spark boxer gasoline engine, dual redundant CANaerospace avionic data buses, nose-mount 150° FOV pilot view camera with optionally payload sensor gimbal support, center-fuselage modular mission bay that can carry a standard 19" 3U electronic rack or any other sensor (laser scanner, spectrometric, etc.), stub wings with payload pylons, and a state-of-the-art ergonomic Ground Control Station.

The RV-VTOL25 Series main missions are heavy payloads up to 25 Kg in VLOS & BVLOS flight mode, all weather conditions, long endurance tasks, such airborne surveying, off-shore industrial inspections, digital 2D & 3D cinematography, natural park surveillance. Visit our Application section for more infos.

• RV-VTOL25 "AirWorker": Features a nose-mount sensor gimbal, a modular cargo bay and underslung payload support
• RV-VTOL25 "MovieMaster": Features a 3-axis gyrostabilized digital camera mount for 2D & 3D movie shooting
• RV-VTOL25 "Explorer": Low cost kit version. For academic use only

Rent a Drone
A2Tech Rental Europe, a division of A2Tech, is proud to offer the rental services of our RV-VTOL25 Series for aerial work and documentary filmmaking. Visit our rental web site for more infos.

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