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RV-VTOLx Series - Rugged Backpack Mobility

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The RV-VTOLx Series respond to today´s most critical market requirements for the documentary & wildlife filmmakers. It is a lightweight solution designed for rapid deployment and high backpack mobility for both filmmaking and industrial aerial work applications, requiring low-altitude aerial views. The RV-VTOLx Series aircrafts are extremely reliable and robust platforms that incorporate a 3-axis gyrostabilized camera mount for camcorders up to 4K in resolution.

The RV-VTOLx Series is equipped with four brushless motors, advanced ESC´s and a new generation of battery chemistry that combines high performance, low power consumption and very easy maintenance.
The use of a standard 15mm rail on the top make it possible to add electronic sub units directly in the field.
The extensive use of carbon fiber tubes, sheets and sandwichs, combined with glass reinforced nylon fittings made this aircraft very rugged and lightweight.

The RV-VTOLx Series was developed for VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) flight mode in mind. High backpack mobility and with a modular payload capacitiy of up to 2.5 kg, it is designed to perform tasks in the field of documentary & wildlife filmmaking, first responder & law enforcement air support, aerial photography, airborne survey, power line & renewable energy plant inspections. Visit our Application section for more infos.

• RV-VTOLx4 "DollyCopter": Features a 3-axis gyrostabilized camcorder mount
• RV-VTOLx4 "PhotoMaster": Features a single axis gyrostabilized camera mount
• RV-VTOLx4 "AirWorker": Features a single axis gyrostabilized camera mount for industrial IR & Day cameras

Rent a Drone
LikeAbird, the rental business unit of A2Tech, is proud to offer the rental services of our RV-VTOLx Series for aerial work and documentary filmmaking. Visit our rental web site for more infos: www.likeabird.eu

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