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OPV - Optionally Piloted Vehicle


RV-OPV-EV - The National Airspace Inserted UAS Flying Test Bed


What is a OPV?
An Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) is a hybrid between a conventional manned aircraft and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Able to fly with or without a human crew on board the aircraft, OPVs are a low-cost flying test bed alternative to UAVs in research, experimentation, Sense and Avoid equipment, National Air Space (NAS) integration and concept exploration. Unimpeded by a human´s physiological limitations, an OPV is able to operate under more adverse conditions and/or for greater endurance times. Retaining on-board controls, the OPV can operate as a conventional aircraft during missions for which direct human control is preferred or desired as an immediate option, e.g. transfer flight in NAS, take-off and landing, aggressive maneuvers.

The RV-OPV-EV product is being developed as an Optionally Piloted Aircraft that can safely fly as a LSA-certified aircraft for operations inside the National Airspace System with the ability to be reconfigured for robotic, unmanned operations when extended performance is needed or when operations are too dangerous for manned aircrafts. In practice that means that the RV-OPV-EV can transit manned to the area of interest through civil airspace without the overcomplicated procedures that regular UAVs have to follow. Optionally manned aircraft have more trouble free development because the pilot is a crucial safety net.

The core capability is its Integrated Modular Avionic based on the CANaerospace Comand & Control (C2) avionic bus, that allows easy avionic, payload, sensors and communication module in-flight testing. UAS Workinggroups, CAAs, universities and industry players can use the RV-OPV-EV as a flying test bed for new sensors and Sense & Avoid equipment required to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the entire National Air Space (NAS).

The Platform
RV-OPV-EV is a two-place, single-engine LSA aircraft based on the Evektor Eurostar SLW, where airframe has origin in EASA JAR-VLA certified pilot training airplane and is designed for 600 kg MTOW. Application of the latest design software and optimalization methods enabled Evektor design team to keep empty weight as 296 kg and meet the European UL regulations in majority of countries. The RV-OPV-EV has integral wing fuel tanks with 120 l capacity, providing an amazing range up to 1.300 km. Redesigned main baggage compartment has volume of 180 l of space for avionic, sensors and payload modules. Visit the Evektor website for more infos about the Eurostar SLW airplane.

Rent a Drone
A2Tech Rental Europe, a division of A2Tech, is proud to offer the rental services of our RV-OPV-EV Series for experimental UAV activities. Visit our rental web site for more infos.

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