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RPAS Short & Long Term Rental Services

Ready to Fly Systems for Filmmakers and Aerial Work

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Buying or Renting?
UAS or RPAS technology is, like computer and electronic technology, a "quick olding" industry. Be allways up to date on latest state of the art technology is a time and money burning task. You should be 100% concentrated on what you do best: making films or aerial work! Let do Advanced Aviation Technology Srl to keep you on latest technology. It is our job and we will fullfill your requirements. Get the state of the art remotely piloted helicopter technology at a fraction of its cost: Rent It!

A2Tech Rental - Europewide Service & Support
A2Tech Rental Europe has its headquarter at the location of Advanced Aviation Technology Srl in Peschiera del Garda and is divided into two departments, filmmaking and industrial aerial work.
A2Tech Rental Europe does more than simply provide RPAS equipment; it offers competent consulting, flight and operator training, and logistical support in collaboration with partner companies all over Europe and beyond.

likeAbird - the filmmaking department
likeAbird provides the documentary & wildlife filmmaking industries with cutting edge remote piloted helicopter technology for various digital formats: SD, FHD, 2K and 4K, including 3D applications. Our approach is different than others; we don´t rent the helicopter with operator crew, YOU will become the operator crew and will only rent the helicopter on demand.Having skilled RPAS operator personnel in your production hous will not only enhance your creativity and earn valuable expertise in this field, but also reduce dramatically your production costs and increase your profits.

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